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Partner with VMware and LSD Open to rapidly innovate, energise your organisation, and grow your business.

Your challenge is to speed up the pace of innovation while reducing cost and lowering risk. A proven way to do this is to adopt modern software development methodologies and more efficient cloud computing models. VMWare and LSD Open are your partners to modernise your application platforms by helping you embrace cloud-native technologies and creating processes to enable faster and more secure application delivery. Our combined approach to digital transformation will consistently deliver business outcomes and will benefit your developers, stakeholders and customers.

With VMWare Tanzu, your IT operators can:

Enable self-service access to the right infrastructure abstractions and app building blocks

Automate and monitor Kubernetes platform operation

Enforce security, networking, and compliance requirements

Gain visibility and control over platform and application performance and resource consumption 


LSD Open’s Managed Kubernetes Platform as a Service built with VMWare Tanzu

Our fully managed Kubernetes PaaS can be built using the VMWare Tanzu platform ecosystem, so that you can benefit from having an application platform with full enterprise capabilities and the peace of mind to know that it’s built with the best, by the best. Deliver applications faster, on time and within budget while everything else is taken care of for you. Learn more about our Managed Kubernetes Platform here, or get in touch via the contact form below and select ‘Managed Kubernetes Platform with VMWare Tanzu’.

Container and Hybrid-Cloud Strategy and guidance

Modern applications need modern platforms, however businesses need help from experts to guide them in planning for the future of the oganisation. LSD Open have been deploying and helping large enterprises build long term goals and planning for the future.

Implementation, Migration , Professional Services and Consulting

No matter our requirement, LSD Open is ready to help you start and continue you VMWare Tanzu Journey.


LSD Open can help you to discover and select the right VMWare Tanzu enterprise subscription option for your specific use case. Fill out the form below and select the VMWare Tanzu enterprise subscription option to start the process. Our enterprise team will get in touch with you for an obligation-free needs assessment.


LSD Open and VMWare Tanzu are a perfect fit, combining industry-leading cloud native technologies with unparalleled skills and talent, to ultimately deliver the best possible experience to our combined customers. Our team is fully certified with VMWare Tanzu and can provide exactly what you need based on best practices.