Powering Global Growth: How Purple Group Scaled with LSD Open’s Managed Kubernetes Service

LSD Open's expertise enabled a strategic migration to AWS, laying the foundation for Purple Group's global growth trajectory.


Purple Group Limited identified Southeast Asia as a key expansion region for its EasyEquities platform. By forming a partnership with a local partner to facilitate financial services in the region, the only barrier left was to expand the application platform to that SEA market.


Purple Group’s EasyEquities trading platform has quickly taken over the South African market by democratising share investing. In 2020, Purple Group Limited reached out to LSD OPEN to help with the migration of their Kubernetes workloads from on-premise to AWS in both South Africa and Asia.

THE SOLUTION: Managed Kubernetes

As leaders in the Kubernetes and Cloud Native space, LSD OPEN provided strategic thinking to migrate the workloads to a hybrid cloud Kubernetes platform that can easily scale to reach both regions. The platform is already reaching 1.3 million subscribers, 700,000 of which are actively using the platform at any given time. The new region is expected to eclipse those numbers.


LSD OPEN used Terraform and GitOps to deliver automated best-practice AWS infrastructure to migrate on-premise environments to the cloud. The end result is a privately network AWS Kubernetes cluster with all of the features needed for applications to run smoothly, and a platform ready for the influx of new users.


LSD OPEN’s strategic thinking and technical knowledge accelerated Purple Group Limited’s growth into a new region, where they can reach more customers and deliver value. Purple Group Limited are looking to capitalise on the momentum and the next phase of global expansion is already being planned.