Real-time Data Sharing To Unlock A Seamlessly Connected IT Ecosystem.

Drive innovation through faster decision making with Managed Event Streaming Platforms.

Extract value from your data in real time to build integrated, responsive, and data-driven applications.

Reduce Operational overhead of your event streaming platform

LSD Open eliminates the operational burden of running an Apache Kafka solution, so that modern enterprises can focus on what they do best. We simplify the day-to-day operations of managing Kafka while maximizing its performance, availability, and scalability.


Increase Developer Speed and Time to Market

Completely decouple microservice producers and consumers

Modernize and offload legacy messaging systems. Reduce costs and migrate data

Stream data and events from multiple sources with connectors

Real-time and retrospective data stream processing

Build highly available and scalable microservices. Deliver millions of messages

Eliminate inter-service bottlenecks and dependencies

Day 2 Ops - fully managed, upgraded and patched event-streaming platform built on Kubernetes

24x7 Support globally for your platforms and teams using it

What do I get additionally with an enterprise-grade option with Confluent?

Pre-built connectors for the most popular data sources

Enterprise-grade security
- Role-based access
- Structured Audit Logs
- Secret Protection

Manage key operations and monitor the health and performance of Apache Kafka with a control centre

Production-stage prerequisites: Minimize the risk of security breaches and downtime for your mission-critical applications with enterprise-grade features

Unrestricted developer productivity: Democratize access to Kafka and accelerate the development of modern applications that react to events in real-time.

Modernise legacy systems like Mainframes

Who would use our fully managed Event Streaming Platform?

Teams that want to share data and events from one application or platform to another

Teams that operate hybrid architectures

Teams that operate Edge deployments that sit outside their data center

Teams that use service mesh-based microservice architectures



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