Managed Observability Platform

LSD’s Managed Observability Platform creates visibility across your entire Kubernetes platform - including everything resulting from it - in a single pane of glass view to reduce troubleshooting time and increase reaction time.

It’s fully managed and completely taken care of with 24/7 support by the LSD team so that you can focus on core business activities.

Trusted by leading companies
Trusted by leading companies

Gain insight into what’s under the hood of your cloud platform with Observability


Advanced dashboards with a consolidated view over all your data

Easily export valuable event reports from your dashboards

Advanced monitoring and alerting features

24/7 global technical support from the LSD team

Who would use our Observability Platform as a service?

Instantly know when anomalies take place on your Kubernetes platform and make data-driven decisions based on all of your mission-critical operations data in one place. Advanced monitoring and alerting features ensure that all of your important platform events are picked up and brought to the attention of the right people and processes, at the right time.

Application teams that need to monitor platform usage and user metrics

Teams that need to respond to problems quickly

Teams that have large amounts of log files/log data

Logistics, fleet, facilities, manufacturing and transport teams with large amounts of telemetry data

Platform security teams


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