Fully Managed Kubernetes Platforms

Secure, Scalable, Resilient and Adaptable Platform to enable your organisation.

Build, manage and run hybrid , multi cloud Kubernetes platforms to allow your teams to deliver applications faster, ensure uptime and scale.

Trusted by leading companies
Trusted by leading companies


Whats next? 24x7 support and management, so you can sit back and
relax, knowing everything is taken care of.


Built-to-purpose Kubernetes environment that you can build on top of

Everything you need is managed for you by the LSD team with 24/7 support

Platform scales dynamically. It won’t flinch for 10 or 10 million users

You do what you do best, while we take care of everything else

Platform support for your team if they get stuck

Why use our fully managed Kubernetes platform as a service?

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Less fighting infrastructure fires and more time on core activities

Commission and roll-out infrastructure in seconds

Enhanced uptime and coverage with full hybrid- and multi-cloud capabilities

No internal skills needed, we build, manage and deploy everything for you

Deliver applications faster and within budget

Write code your way without worrying about infrastructure

Fully GitOps and DevSecOps expandable

We help on-board your developers to the platform

Reach new markets and regions faster

Deliver applications faster and within budget

Reduced operational costs

No internal skills needed. We build, deploy and manage everything for you

Your choice of Supported Kubernetes,
deployed to anywhere

Your choice of Supported Kubernetes,
deployed to anywhere


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