Data Services Reimagined

Transform raw data into actionable insights with LSD Open’s Managed Observability and Event Streaming Platforms to optimise performance, enhance CX, and drive innovation.

Managed Event Streaming Platform: Harness the Power of Real-Time Data

Unlock seamless data sharing, fuel innovation with faster
decisions, and build responsive, integrated applications.

Reduce Operational Overhead and Boost Innovation Capacity.

We the operational burden off your team, maximising Apache Kafka performance, availability and scalability while freeing you to drive business value.

Increase developer speed and time to market
Decouple microservices and reduce inter-service data dependencies & bottlenecks
ModerniSe and Save
Modernise your legacy messaging systems with a seamless migration to a cost-effective and efficient cloud-native solution.
Streamline Data for
Real-Time Intelligence
Stream data and events from multiple sources to multiple sink destinations with source and sink connectors with Real-time and retrospective data stream processing.
Effortless Platform
Day 2 Ops - fully managed, upgraded and patched event-streaming platform built on Kubernetes platform
Expert Support
Anytime, Anywhere
24/7 Support globally for your platform and the teams using it

What do I get additionally with an enterprise-grade option with Confluent?

  • Pre-built connectors for the most popular data sources
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Manage key operations and monitor the health and performance of Apache Kafka with control center
  • Production-stage prerequisites: minimise the risk of security breaches and downtime for your mission-critical application with enterprise-grade features. 
  • Unrestricted developer productivity: democratise access to Kafka and accelerate the development of modern applications that react to events in real-time
  • Modernise legacy systems like mainframes.

Observability Platforms: Gain Deep Visibility Into Your Systems

Monitor, troubleshoot, and optimise your applications and
infrastructure for peak performance and reliability.

Gain insight into what's under the hood of your cloud platform with Observability

Build Responsive Applications and Drive Growth with Our Event Streaming Features

Get a 360-Degree View of Your Data

Advanced dashboards with a consolidated view over all your data

Export Insights Effortlessly

Easily export valuable event reports from your dashboards

Proactive Detection

Advanced monitoring and alerting features

Expert Support Around the Clock

24/7 global technical support from the LSD Open team

Who should use our Observability Platform as a Service?

  • Application teams that need to monitor platform usage and user metrics. 
  • Teams that need to respond to problems quickly
  • Teams that have large amounts of log files/log data
  • Logistics, fleet, facilities, manufacturing and transport teams with large amounts of telemetry data
  • Platform security teams 

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