LSD Open Cloud Kubernetes Service

Accelerating cloud-native with Kubernetes.

Ensure a seamless transition to the cloud by adopting Infrastructure as Code (IaC) first and then deploy Kubernetes in the cloud to achieve optimal agility and scalability.
Build, manage and run hybrid, multi cloud Kubernetes platforms to allow your teams to deliver applications faster, ensure uptime and scale.

Secure, Scalable, Resilient and Adaptable Platform to enable your organisation.
Build, manage and run hybrid , multi cloud Kubernetes platforms to allow your teams to deliver applications faster, ensure uptime and scale.

When moving to the cloud, there are many different models that allow for the adoption of public cloud. The public cloud has become a requirement for most organisations, but how do you start, how do you migrate and what do you need to put in place in order to ensure you do not destroy an IT budget in the process.

As a Kubernetes and Cloud Native accelerator, LSD Open's focus is on application modernization and moving an application into the cloud using good cloud native principles. After working with many organisations in their adoption of, and migration to the cloud, we have created a blueprint and proven process.



Starting with a full assessment of the current IT estate, infrastructure deployed, applications and services. Looking at which applications are good candidates for migration into Kubernetes and ultimately to cloud.


Next we look at creating a well-defined Infrastructure-As-Code platform that can deploy environments in future based on your standards and needs, including cloud automation that is handled through good DevOps principles with versioning, checks and release gates.


Reduce time to value. LSD Open will have a production ready Public Cloud Kubernetes platform ready so your team can use and build using the platform and take their time to learn what is needed to manage it. Don't waste years learning to build it yourself.


Finally we start our day 2 operations including patching, upgrading and 24x7 support of the platform and all its related components in the cloud environment.


Any additional services required can be done once deployment is complete. This includes migrations, projects or consulting.


Next steps on your cloud journey

Having the foundation is great, however insight and data become important components to successfully using
and predicting the cloud.

LSD Open has you covered with
Managed Observability Platform

LSD Open’s managed Observability Platform creates visibility across your entire Kubernetes and cloud platform - including everything resulting from it - in a single pane of glass view to reduce troubleshooting time and increase reaction time. It’s fully managed and completely taken care of with 24/7 support by the LSD Open team so that you can focus on core business activities.

Managed Event Streaming Platform

A fully managed, highly scalable real-time data process & event-streaming platform powered by Apache Kafka and Kubernetes. The platform is designed using Apache Kafka to empower teams to share data for open hybrid cloud and microservice architectures. Seamlessly connect your data and applications everywhere they reside across hybrid- and multi-cloud architectures. Kafka helps to streamline digital architectures in real-time, avoid complex point-to-point integrations, and break data silos.


Domain Expertise

On Premise , Hybrid, Multi and Poly-Cloud Deployments to fit your needs

Low risk, no contracts

Discounts on longer commitments

Scales with you, start small and grow

We support and train your team 24x7

Enablement provided for your teams

Certified Provider and CNCF Silver Member


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