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Fun With GitOps – ArgoCD + Tekton By Julian Gericke

April 12 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD accelerates cloud native adoption with Snyk and Rancher

May 4 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

“Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) for cloud native deployments” with Mark Billett and Doug Moll

November 26 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

“Developing a culture of curiosity and self-directed learning” by Celeste Swart (Bold Curiosity)

November 25 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

5 Myths About Starting A Software-As-A-Service Business In South Africa By Annette Muller

August 12 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

The LSD Cloud Native Story and an intro to Google Anthos with Deon Stroebel, Sizwe Mabanga And Julian Gericke

August 6 2020

Charl Barkhuizen


LSD Invests 2M ZAR in Bitcoin

February 12 2021

Stefan Lesicnik

On the 4th January the LSD OPEN (LSD) board approved a spend of reserve capital, an initial 1M ZAR bitcoin purchase and another 1M ZAR purchase over the following two weeks for an average price of R510,000 per bitcoin. We worked with Bitfund ( to acquire and safely hold our position. Our vision is to […]

GKE Mixed TCP/UDP Loadbalancer

November 20 2020

Stefan Lesicnik

Recently I’ve been experimenting with Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) and in particular the ingress from external to the GKE cluster. There are essentially 3 network options, fairly well described. ClusterIP (service exposed internally to cluster) NodePort (port opened and mapped on the node) LoadBalancer (external IP created and forwarded to application. This can both be […]

Rancher Labs has been acquired by SUSE

July 9 2020

Deon Stroebel

If you are surprised after reading that headline, you are not alone. This is big industry news, and I personally think there will be a couple of mixed feelings about this one. Similar to the IBM/Red Hat acquisition, people all over are wondering what they can expect from this change. Let’s unpack the story together […]

OpenInsight: Neil White on Leading a Technical Team during COVID-19

June 22 2020

Neil White

COVID-19 provided some unique challenges to businesses, including LSD It was a pandemic in far-off places for a short while but in March 2020, COVID-19 made landfall in South Africa, forcing the country into lockdown. The way our world used to work is gone for now, where simple functions like on-site technical support or customer […]

A new trip for LSD: Exiting EOH

April 21 2020

Stefan Lesicnik

A message to our awesome customers, partners and friends of the company We are pleased to announce that LSD Information Technology has been fully re-acquired from EOH by the original founders, with an effective date of 1st April 2020. This is an amicable arrangement between all parties with new value for clients who appreciate our […]

Covid-19, the Looming Recession and the Role of Open Source

March 20 2020

Stefan Lesicnik

The COVID-19 outbreak has been devastating global markets since the Coronavirus spread to the rest of the world in mid-January. Now with more than 170 countries reporting infections, many market signs are pointing to an economic downturn, similar or worse in scale to that of the recession in 2008. We’ve been thinking about the future […]


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