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Fun With GitOps – ArgoCD + Tekton By Julian Gericke

April 12 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD accelerates cloud native adoption with Snyk and Rancher

May 4 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

“Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) for cloud native deployments” with Mark Billett and Doug Moll

November 26 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

“Developing a culture of curiosity and self-directed learning” by Celeste Swart (Bold Curiosity)

November 25 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

5 Myths About Starting A Software-As-A-Service Business In South Africa By Annette Muller

August 12 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

The LSD Cloud Native Story and an intro to Google Anthos with Deon Stroebel, Sizwe Mabanga And Julian Gericke

August 6 2020

Charl Barkhuizen


When Clouds Scare The Hell Out Of You! Locked Out of Your Cloud Platform

March 30 2021

Neil White

Neil White is LSD OPEN’s technical director and is often involved in the internal infrastructure part of the company. Recently, he ran into a particularly scary problem with one of our cloud instances and the Ethereum validators running in it. Red alert emails flying around, being completely locked out of the environment and the information […]

LSD In The News: “SA Firms Start Investing Their Cash In Bitcoin”, Via Techcentral

March 25 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD OPEN was recently featured in a TechCentral piece written by editor Duncan McLeod, on leadership’s decision to bring Bitcoin onto our books. Duncan takes a look at the decision and writes about the process that the company undertook to invest using BitFund. Read the full article on the TechCentral website

LSD Stimulus Package

March 12 2021

Stefan Lesicnik

Our vision at LSD is to make the world more OPEN. We work and play with some of the best people, who we really care for. LSD recently acquired Bitcoin for our corporate balance sheet. This is great for the company, but I really want to ensure that our people also have some crypto exposure, as I […]

“Run PHP and Composer commands via Docker” via

February 24 2021

Seagyn Davis

Seagyn Davis joined LSD OPEN’s technical team in 2021 and contribution has already been felt. Seagyn also has his own blog on which he publishes mostly technical pieces, which we’ll feature here on the LSD People Blog from time to time. Here’s an excerpt from the post, and you can read more on his blog […]

LSD Invests 2M ZAR in Bitcoin

February 12 2021

Stefan Lesicnik

On the 4th January the LSD OPEN (LSD) board approved a spend of reserve capital, an initial 1M ZAR bitcoin purchase and another 1M ZAR purchase over the following two weeks for an average price of R510,000 per bitcoin. We worked with Bitfund ( to acquire and safely hold our position. Our vision is to […]

Rancher Labs has been acquired by SUSE

July 9 2020

Deon Stroebel

If you are surprised after reading that headline, you are not alone. This is big industry news, and I personally think there will be a couple of mixed feelings about this one. Similar to the IBM/Red Hat acquisition, people all over are wondering what they can expect from this change. Let’s unpack the story together […]


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