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Fun With GitOps – ArgoCD + Tekton By Julian Gericke

April 12 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD accelerates cloud native adoption with Snyk and Rancher

May 4 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

“Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) for cloud native deployments” with Mark Billett and Doug Moll

November 26 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

“Developing a culture of curiosity and self-directed learning” by Celeste Swart (Bold Curiosity)

November 25 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

5 Myths About Starting A Software-As-A-Service Business In South Africa By Annette Muller

August 12 2020

Charl Barkhuizen

The LSD Cloud Native Story and an intro to Google Anthos with Deon Stroebel, Sizwe Mabanga And Julian Gericke

August 6 2020

Charl Barkhuizen


Vim To Vs Code – A Story About A RHCA Who Became A TKGi Platform Developer

April 7 2022


Today, I’m a TKGi platform developer and for the most part I develop Concourse CI pipelines. Specifically, I build and maintain pipelines that build foundations that other pipelines use to build custom Kubernetes clusters! For a while now, I’ve been meaning to blog a bit about my own personal “digital transformation”. I went from a […]

Enneagram: Understanding LSD’s People

March 2 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

IMAGINE A HOUSE This is your house and you have many different rooms in your house.  You have your room which you are most familiar with.  You know what is in there, you know where to find stuff, you know where you might have hidden stuff that you don’t want anyone else to know about […]

Red Hat Hackfest Part 2: Setting Up The Hardware, SNO And RHEL For Edge

February 4 2022

Seagyn Davis

This is Part 2 in the Red Hat Hackfest review series. Click here to read Part 1. After finding out about the use case and receiving the hardware (thanks again Red Hat, Intel and IBM), we set off on getting the base software installed on the devices. Setting up the hardware consisted of installing Single-node Openshift […]

Red Hat Hackfest Part 1: Building an Edge Computing Use-Case For Hackfest

January 25 2022

Seagyn Davis

BUILDING AN EDGE COMPUTING USE-CASE FOR HACKFEST Editor’s note – We are very proud of Team LSD winning Red Hat Hackfest 2021. The team comprised of Seagyn Davis and Julian Gericke, who put all of this together over the month of November and bowled the judges over with their winning project. To give more context […]

2021 In Review: A Message From LSD

December 20 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

It’s been a year! We hope that you’re doing okay and keeping safe and that there’s some time off on the cards for you over the festive season. Before you unplug and go off the grid, we’d like to take a moment to look back at LSD’s year with you. Since our departure from EOH last year, […]

Ansible – Solving my Documentation Pet Peeve

September 13 2021

Charl Barkhuizen

As a DevOps engineer,  I find myself far more comfortable iterating over lists or writing conditional statements than finding fancy words to document my code. Since Ansible is designed to be easy to read and understand, you can almost get away without documenting anything…except ‘Variables’. As with any code, there are best practices that make […]


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