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Watch: LSD, VMware and Axiz talk Tanzu at the Prison Break Market

January 6 2023

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD x Red Hat: Scaling to Meet Customer Demand and Security with Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

December 1 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD x Red Hat: Helping Businesses to Innovate at Speed

October 21 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD and Red Hat – What Matters To Us Is The People We Work With

October 21 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

Fun With GitOps – ArgoCD + Tekton By Julian Gericke

April 12 2022

Charl Barkhuizen

LSD accelerates cloud native adoption with Snyk and Rancher

May 4 2021

Charl Barkhuizen


The Business Benefits of Kubernetes Platforms

May 18 2023

Deon Stroebel

If you are responsible for overseeing the IT and cloud infrastructure of a business, you already understand that your customer-facing applications are key touchpoints for your audience to interact with your brand. Any issues or downtime can lead to losing customers, losing revenue, and reputational damage. To deal with the risk, many businesses are looking […]

Hello KubeCon 2023!

April 5 2023

Charl Barkhuizen

Hey KubeCon!  If you’re in Amsterdam from 18-21 April 2023, keep an eye out for Andrew ‘Mac’ McIver and Seagyn Davis from LSD walking around the RAI. Mac is a solution architect and Seagyn is LSD’s staff engineer, and they’re keen to talk to everyone about everything cloud native. This will be their first time […]

4 Common Pitfalls of Application Modernisation and Cloud Native Architecting

March 17 2023

Andrew McIver

We regularly talk about the benefits that application modernisation and cloud native architectures enable for customers (and rightly so), but there are also common mistakes and pitfalls that can be made during the migration and application refactoring process. Over the last couple of years, I’ve been working on customer projects and sometimes ran into these […]

Event Wrap-up | Tech This Out: OpenShift

March 16 2023

Charl Barkhuizen

If you missed the second ‘Tech This Out’ event hosted by LSD last week, here is a handy wrap-up for you. TTO featured Red Hat’s OpenShift version 4.12, presented by two senior solution architects from Red Hat; Francis Viviers and Chris Mulder, who provided attendees with an in-depth overview of the new features in version […]

Event-Streaming in a Microservices Context

March 10 2023

Doug Moll

My previous post detailed what we mean by event streaming and differentiated this from other similar technologies. I also made the point that providing a business with the ability to reason on top of and act on all events happening across all lines of business in real time can solve a multitude of problems.  This […]

The Technical Benefits of Cloud Native Architecture (Part 2)

February 9 2023

Andrew McIver

Part one of the blog post can be read HERE. In Part One, it was established that a cloud native architecture brings many benefits to your application platform and infrastructure, including scaling, reduced technology lock-in, fault tolerance, and making use of vendor-built services. There were too many to cover in one blog post, so in […]


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