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Your Pure Play Open Source Partner

LSD, founded in 2001 as a pure play open source company who wants to inspire the world to embrace OPEN principles and technology while really being superhuman and having fun!

We are a people-first team that steer the ship together. In 2020, LSD implemented principles of Sociocracy 3.0 (S3) to create autonomous function-driven domains internally, leading to fewer bottlenecks in the decision making process.

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Why LSD?

In the 20 years since our inception, we’ve assembled a team of passionate open source technologists who have designed and managed open source systems for some of the largest organisations in the world (we’re working on the universe now that Linux is on Mars). We want to always be OPEN with you and always ensure you have the freedom to innovate.

LSD at a glance

The LSD arcade machine


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We’ve made a PDF downloadable version of the LSD company profile. Download this document by clicking on the “Download” button.

Albert Einstein taking LSD, an old LSD Information Technology print advert
An old print advert that LSD used in technology magazines in earlier years.

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