LSD Open’s core focus is to help accelerate our clients into the future. Starting in 2001 as a Linux company before anyone else was doing this in South Africa. After many years and building up a reputation for solving complex problems, LSD Open moved into automation (Before DevOps was a thing).

In 2015 our technical team started playing with Kubernetes version 1.0. We knew this would change would everything! We started working hard on fully understanding Kubernetes and deployed one of the first Enterprise ready clusters in South Africa for a large insurance company. By always using tomorrow's technology today, we want to work on exciting projects and solve the problems no one else can take on.

We are now CNCF Silver members and a Certified Kubernetes Service Provider and more than 20 CKA and CKAD certifications.

We are partnered with the largest Kubernetes vendors, working closely with them to take our clients on their application modernisation journey.



We want our teams to work in smart ways and always increase your knowledge in your field.


If you love what you do, you don't work a day in your life. We want our people to enjoy their jobs and have fun working. We work hard to find the right place for everyone at LSD Open.


We have always cared a lot about our people and we want our people to care about each other. Be compassionate, share your knowledge, be helpful, teach others and help where you can.


Be diligent in your everyday life at work. If you have a meeting, be there, be present. Responding to clients and teammates timeasley. We ensure our projects are completed on time and on budget.



Our proven process that ensures your success LSD Open has been working with the largest enterprises for more than 20 years, during this time we have come up with a proven process that ensures we deliver results to ensure our clients success, in budget and on time.

We would like to show you exactly what you can expect once you start working with us.

When we first start to engage with a client, we need to understand what they need to do, what problems they are trying to solve and what value can LSD Open Offer.

Qualify and Present Solution

LSD Open wants to ensure that our skills are the correct skills for your specific problem. LSD do not want to try to force our solutions or technology where they do not fit and are not the best solution. Next we do our presentations, Demonstrations and proposal presentations. This is the general sales process where we discuss what you can expect from our offering, we discuss commercials and terms. We take you through our proposal, making sure we are all in agreement with regards to scope, timelines and pricing. This process is done once we have received a PO to continue on to the next stage.

Design, Architect and Build

Here we start to architect and Design of the platform. During this phase we also start to onboard the teams that will be deploying and managing your new platform. Once the designs and sizing has been signed off, we deploy.

Run! Management, Support and Feedback

Once the platform is operational, we move into the monthly management and support phase. We ensure that there is constant feedback between us so we can make sure we continue to add the value you expect and that we are meeting your expectations.


Domain Expertise

On Premise , Hybrid, Multi and Poly-Cloud Deployments to fit your needs

Low risk, no contracts

Discounts on longer commitments

Scales with you, start small and grow

We support and train your team 24x7

Enablement provided for your teams

Certified Provider and CNCF Silver Member


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